Gastronomical Adventure ;)

We were looking for a place to go for our 3 year anniversary, Mr. tlc’s promotion and the babymoon… last very trip before the baby comes out and we won’t be traveling for a while after. More importantly, I was so close to killing people at work or myself these days, so I did need hoidays!

So we thought we would go to Montreal, since it’s such a romantic city but then I was watching Anthony Bourdain: No reservation TV show. It’s the episode about Vancouver and Victoria. He was at Sooke Harbour House for a 20 miles diet meal… and most things were picked right at their garden. So I declared that we are going to Victoria instead of Montreal so we can have that meal for our celebrations :)

and here is the 7 course meal in order, plus a little bit of other elements that came along :)


water from their very own spring. very refreshing


Bread basket.. I tried not to eat them too much, knowing that the Gastronomical Adventure meal is on the way..


Salmon dumpling and pine mushroom in shellfish broth and thyme oil.. oh my buddha!


Pork tenderloin salad with blue cheese dressing and raspberry dressing.. this is definitely our favorite!


Another favorite of ours is this crunchy squid with herring fish roe, apricot ketchup, hemp seed oil and I couldn’t remember the green sauce.. might be something like cilantro or parsley…


This is totally yummy as well.. it’s sole fish and samosa butter squash dumpling (if i remember it correctly). Please don’t ask me about the sources. All i can remember is that they were very good!


the cheese plate… all local produced cheeses. at this point, i was very full.. if I’d had wines to pair with my meals, that would certainly help but with my condition, i can’t drink…


the flan. i think it’s either mascapone or ricotta.. with angel cake and local wild cherry sauce. it’s surprisingly light!


then the fawn showed up :)


and these lillte bites came with the bill :D

We would love to have a cup of tea but we had to drive back to Victoria and it’s quite a way…

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What a brilliant idea ~ a babymoon AND a celebration of three years being married! Thanks SO much for sharing in your gastronomical adventure ;)

Elita added these pithy words on Aug 10 09 at 8:34 pm

wow the food looks so amazing..and the presentation is so lovely!!! well done Victoria!!!

thecircleofit added these pithy words on Jun 09 12 at 2:06 pm

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