design details


the house i live in is very small. it is important to use the space wisely.
we tried to choose the narrowest toilet available. that said, i didn’t decide on this toilet because of that reason, althought it is very narrow, but because it’s base has no crazy corners like other toilets. it is much easier to clean the base and it looks much nicer this way. also, we found out later after we installed it that we only have to flick the lip down a little bit and it’ll close itself gently, slam free!

this is called ‘design and emotions’.. little details in design that make people happy.

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Ah. Nice. Yes, I hate the hard to clean and hard to reach corners on the bases of toilets, and I hate dropping the lid. Why do we accept stupid designs for so long, and why does it take so long for better designs to make it to market?

Ling added these pithy words on May 10 09 at 9:08 pm

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